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The guardian of safety in production
KJ73N mining safety monitoring system


It establishes a real-time information platform for safe production and centralized management, and the user can conduct real-time data acquisition and remote monitoring and automatic management of the equipment underground.
It is used in the monitoring and control of the environment parameters and working parameters of coal mines underground.
The unmanned automatic monitoring and automatic alarm are achieved for gas in mines, the accurate, real-time, fast operation of safety supervision ensured, disaster relief and efficient operation guaranteed. A scientific and comprehensive statistical analysis of costs of mining is conducted, and materials for decision-making provided for persons in charge at all levels.
The new KJ73N mining safety monitoring system uses digital signal transmission, and can effectively solve the problem of false alarm, and enable zero error in transmission and so on; the protection class of the sensor can be IP67 with technological innovation which can be used with the new 24V power supply box. It is verified to be able to carry a low concentration of methane sensor for up to 6Km, thus effectively solving the problem of remote loading.

 Data collection
The system supports the collection of data such as analog, control volume, cumulant, total export and the derived quantity. Realization of transmission of data via the underground industrial ring or bus networking.

◆  Data processing 
Alarm and logic processing of collected data, notification of data through the real-time database. Survival recording and unit statistical records.

◆  Logic control
Support manual control of equipment and automatic logic control under many conditions to meet the reliability of the system under different circumstances.

◆  Data calculation
The system supports the coefficient correction and formula calculation of collected data to enhance the accuracy of the data.

◆  Data display
The system supports classified real-time monitoring according to the type and equipment, which is shown with charts, tables and graphics.

◆  Report designer
The system provides various data query reports. It also supports user-defined design and output reports.

◆  Hot standby
Real-time hot standby and switch between monitoring system and database to improve security of system and reliability of data.

◆  Vector display
The system provides HMI editing. By editing HMI the analog of environmental data and the operation status and the data exchange of system are achieved.
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