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KJ619 gas mining monitoring system


The system can implement comprehensive monitoring and control system of drainage and gas metering and unattended operation of pump stations. It combines gas drainage and utilization, metering monitoring and control of device. According to the parameters of gas drainage, the standard flow of gas drainage is calculated, and reports automatically generated on the cumulative, hour, daily, monthly, yearly and pure basis. The states of vacuum pumps, cooling towers, pumps, electric valves are collected, and according to the above parameters, the automatic control of the vacuum pumps, cooling towers, pumps, electric valves and other equipment is conducted. KJ619 gas mining monitoring system is composed of monitoring part, control part, and data transmission part.
◆  Gas drainage monitoring and control system
The system can achieve the real-time monitoring and control of parameters of gas pumping station, gas pumps, motors, gas cylinders, gas generators and other equipment; realize the real-time monitoring of parameters of the gas, carbon monoxide, pressure, temperature, flow in the drainage.

◆  Center station of system
The center station of gas mining monitoring system is the command center of the system, which can achieve remote data monitoring, display of a variety of accumulated drainage, and the storage, query and printing of the monitoring data and operating conditions. Users can also use the center for remote control of pumping stations.

✔  Defined device management uses unified address encoding.
✔  Device driver management.
✔  The software of the central station offers the function of visual configuration.
✔  The function of hot standby.
✔  Real-time multi-tasking capabilities.
✔  The function of report design.
✔  Drainage and control display device uses PLC master control.
✔  The storage of historical data.
✔  Man-machine dialogue.
✔  The system software has the function of fault tolerance.
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