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Manhole covers monitoring and management system


Manhole cover is in the charge of municipal, telecommunications, gas, heat, electricity, traffic management . manhole cover monitoring and management system that will effectively protect the life and property of the masses and greatly improve the daily use, operation and maintenance, and management of the cover. It consists of two-layer wireless network. When the abnormality of manhole cover is monitored, an alarm message is sent to the wireless trunk gateway, and then uploaded to the early warning and disposal platform of manhole cover monitoring and management system. The data interconnectivity of front-end manhole cover tag within the scope of jurisdiction is realized, and the alarmed location and points are marked on the GIS map to know the real-time situation of the site.
 Daily monitoring
with the combination of the manhole cover tag and the manhole cover itself by the system, and the efficient transport network, it effectively reduces the probability of accidents; at the same time, with the use of real-time monitoring system featured by real-time processing, the security risks are removed before they bring harm.

queries and display of basic information of real-time data acquisition of the manhole cover for municipal, telecommunications, gas, heat, electricity, traffic control and other departments, and the real-time data analysis and decision making platform is provided for the municipal administration and the public to prevent the accidents.

◆  Response to the incident
the moment when the manhole cover is removed, the manhole cover tag will be automatically put up to alert the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians. At the same time, the monitoring center is informed of the location, material, units and other relevant information of the manhole cover; and alarm messages are sent to mobile phones of the responsible personnel to achieve linkage response.

◆  Post-evaluation and analysis
a variety of security models and security related data and experts’ analysis libraries built to analyze the missing or moved manhole cover and other abnormal conditions (accidents), to avoid similar incidents from happening again and to provide more effective management and control data for municipal management department.

Special Features
◆  The system has good scalability, and flashing lights can be built in the tag for areas without light at night. The erected warning post can bring potential risk if not seen.
◆  Powerful APP mobile terminal: the mobile phone can be used to view and operate the geographic information and the status of the manhole cover, and meet the requirements of the administrations and users for monitoring the manhole cover system at any time.
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