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Information management platform of urban underground pipe network


The general information management platform of urban underground pipe network is a comprehensive application of GIS technology in urban space. It is a comprehensive space information system by inputting, storing, inquiring, calculating, analyzing, and outputting with the computer the various network data which reflect the current state, planning, and changes of the urban area (such as water supply and drainage, electricity, telecommunications, gas, gas pipelines, etc.). It is developed when the GIS technology sees advanced development and when there is an increasingly requirement of the urban scientific research for the technological means of data and information processing. The general information management platform of urban underground pipe network has an extremely important significance in the construction and management of municipal infrastructure.
◆  Support the storage, editing and updating of space- and attribute-related data of the pipe network. Based on the secondary development of AutoCAD, the storage, editing and updating of data for underground pipe network are provided based on AutoCAD;
◆  The open map platform as a two-dimensional geographic information system platform developed with Metamap provides the function of coordinate transformation and ensures the accuracy of the overlay of CAD drawings and the internet map.
◆  To provide three-dimensional geographic information system platform. The platform, with the use of three-dimensional visualization technology and geographic information system technology, provides technical support for the integrated management information system of the municipal underground pipe network. On the one hand, it provides the basic operations such as the editing and modifying of network and three-dimensional model, and that of various views; on the other hand, it provides secondary development interface for implementing the professional features of the system;
◆  To support the entry, query and statistical analysis of road attribute related data;
◆  According to the requirements for the management in the industry of pipe network, the common user rights management, view operation, query and statistical analysis of the various pipe networks are provided;
◆  According to the spatial data of pipe network, GIS spatial analysis techniques is used to achieve professional analysis of the network;
◆  The monitoring system interface is prepared by the platform for other municipal infrastructure, such as manhole cover system monitoring, bridge monitoring system, and video surveillance systems.
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