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Municipal management solution


The municipal comprehensive management platform is a comprehensive municipal management tool based on the idea of "Internet + municipal security". The platform is based networking technology, and can achieve real-time online monitoring of such municipal information as that of the road, bridges, tunnels, hazardous gas of underground pipe network, manhole covers, and street lights, and upload the information to the monitoring center.
Based on GIS technology and with the use of multi-source information presentation, the content which includes the attribute of municipal facilities, real-time monitoring data, video information, vehicle location, scope of jurisdiction, and the information of companies is integrated into a unified, associated, collaborated platform.
Based on the computing technology, the data analysis, coordination, and top-level deployment, and decision making can be realized, and the urban geography, resources, environment, population, economy, and comprehensive social affairs digitized and put on the internet, which enable the municipal sectors to prepare for safety related hazards and make decisions;
Based on the concept of big data, the digital urban management system is integrated to the municipal comprehensive management platform that allows the interconnectivity of each municipal management subsystem, eliminates the isolation of information, and makes city management more efficient.

◆  Municipal decision-makers will know the distribution, operating status, maintenance cycle, maintenance tools and other information about the existing equipment with the integrated management system, and understand the changes of the current quality of personnel; according to the analysis of municipal facility utilization, staff efficiency, the occurrence of accidents, serious potential risks, and urban development, the short and long term scientific and reasonable plans for municipal facilities are made.

◆  The managers can control the overall urban management through municipal integrated management system, according to the real-time data and information analysis provided by the platform, command is given to departments at all levels and subordinates, and the responsibility of each person for monitoring the information specified.

◆  The defenders can know the operation of municipal integrated management system within the scope of their responsibilities with the municipal comprehensive management system. They can rush to the scene to deal with the malfunction and eliminate hidden dangers once the malfunction of equipment is reported.
  • Manhole covers monitoring and management system
  • Slope and retaining wall control monitoring system
  • Bridge health online monitoring system
  • Monitoring and control system of safe operation of road and tunnel
  • Monitoring and alarming system of operation of underground pipe network
  • Septic tank hazard monitoring system
  • Storm waterlogging monitoring system
  • Street lamp remote online monitoring system
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